There are four membership categories:

  • Regular Member

Regular membership shall be open to any person in any university or tertiary institution, or teachers in secondary school who are using statistical applications in life sciences, and have at least a degree or its equivalent or, in the opinion of the Council (hereafter provided for); have contributed notable original work in statistical applications in life sciences and/or allied fields, subject to the approval of the Council upon payment of membership fee of Kshs. 1,000 when joining and an annual subscriptions of KShs 3500. The regular members shall form the voting membership.

  • Student Member

Student membership shall be open to bona fide students who are currently studying statistical applications in life sciences or allied subjects in a university or other accredited tertiary institutions, upon payment of entry fee of Kshs. 500 and annual subscription fee of Kshs. 200. Student membership shall have no voting rights, and shall not hold any national office; except that a student member may be co-opted to any committee of the statistical applications in life sciences.

  • Senior Retiree Membership

Senior retiree membership is open to those who have been regular members for at least 20 years but are currently not in gainful employment. Senior retiree members shall be eligible to vote, hold elected office and serve on Council and Society committees. The annual renewal fee is KSh. 1,000.

  • Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is open to any academic departments of recognized institutions, non-profit research institutions, organizations or industrial enterprises with an interest in the mission of IBS Group Kenya and/or may be supporting the society financially, upon vetting and approval by IBS Group Kenya Council, and upon payment of membership fee of Kshs. 20,000 and annual subscription fee of Kshs. 10,000. Institutional members shall have no voting rights. Each institutional member shall designate one individual to represent, and act on behalf of the institution.